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ROLE: Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Project Management

Sapper Leader Course Rappel Tower Structural Study

Sapper Leader Course Rappel Tower Structural Study

As a sub-consultant to Premier Engineering Consultants, LLC, Yaeger Architecture, Inc. served as the project architect as well as providing project quality control; on the structural survey which included the structural evaluation of the rappel tower at the Sapper Leader Course Rappel Tower site within the cantonment area of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.


  • – Inspection &Testing of Structural members
  • – Environmental Design & Survey for Asbestos & Lead-based paints.
  • – Engineering Analysis, Study and Final Report
  • – Cost Estimating
The AE team’s evaluation of the Sapper rappel tower included; a visual examination, study of connections, along with the material sampling of the structural members of the tower to determine the anticipated remaining lifespan. These findings and design review of feasibility for future retrofitting of the tower were compiled in the Final Engineering Report.

Yaeger’s role on this project included; survey coordination with third timber inspectors and equipment/lift providers, a compilation of survey findings for report publication and project quality control.

Role of Premier Engineering Consultants Included structural engineering, civil engineering and project management. We conducted a structural inspection of the tower identifying deficient structural members. We produced a computer model of the structure incorporating the deficient structural members. From the computer analysis of the model, we were able to estimate the remaining useful life of the structure.Premier also developed the civil/site design for the structure.

Project Size: 32’-0” (L) X 32’-0” (W) X38’-0” (H) wood structure.

This project received a Very Good / Exceptional ACASS rating.

ROLE: Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Project Management




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